Reliable Laboratory Services in Grants Pass, OR

Reliable Laboratory Services in Grants Pass, OR

It would be fair to say that water, along with food, is our primary resource. The lack of it in drought-stricken areas cause devastating health effects and deaths. To say that we require water is truly an understatement. What’s more, we need not just any water, but a source of clean water that is uncontaminated by heavy metals, bacteria, and other substances.

Water that is contaminated is a leading cause of death in some countries and even in first world countries like the United States, the environmental effects of toxic waste material and other chemically-laden sludge entering crucial waterways causes a range of long-term and chronic health problems. To detect these impurities is essential, which is why laboratory services exist.

Detecting Contaminants

Imagine the public outcry that would occur should a major waterway be contaminated by toxic waste from a nearby factory? As unfortunate as it is, these things do happen and this is when reliable laboratory services are called upon to determine the nature and level of contamination.

Here’s what an analytical lab service, like Neilson Research Corporation, would provide:

* Drug site testing: The covert production of methamphetamine is responsible for acute social problems. Drug labs can be set up quickly in any number of areas including homes, sheds, trailers, and even hotel rooms. Laboratory services can test and analyze suspected drug sites and come back with hard evidence.

* Real estate: Often, properties that contain open water channels or wells may need to have the water tested for purity. This is important for the health and safety of potential residents.

* Public water: The provision of clean water to the public through approved systems is essential to life. Water analysis services such as laboratory services in Grants Pass, OR can provide accurate and reliable reports on the quality of water that is being piped through any public water system.

Essential to Life

Clean water is essential to all life on this planet, and it is crucial that reliable testing services exist to determine the cleanliness of water and provide reports and hard evidence that in some cases lead to criminal charges or court cases.

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