Refresh Your Ride with Northeast Collision’s Auto Body Repair Service

Refresh Your Ride with Northeast Collision’s Auto Body Repair Service

Auto body repair.  It is one of those services that no one ever wants to need, but that, when you do need it, time constraints may make you feel like you do not have the luxury of comparing services.  It can leave consumers feeling vulnerable, especially if insurance companies are pressuring you to pick a particular auto body service.  Fortunately, in New Jersey, even if an insurance company is covering the costs of a repair, collision repair service customers have the right to choose their auto body shop.  While every person has their qualifications that they look for in a car repair service, at Northeast Collision, we have found that our customers are most concerned about affordability, timeliness, and quality.

Quality is probably the most important consideration for a person in need of body repair.  There is nothing quite as disappointing as an auto accident that damages a previously perfect vehicle.  When you get your car back from the collision center, you don’t just want it to look like new; you want it to be as structurally sound as it was before the accident.  At Northeast Collision, we use high-quality replacement parts to rebuild your vehicle to manufacturer specifications, so that you can feel confident in all aspects of your auto body repair.  Moreover, we do not just fix damages caused by accidents, but also the routine body damage that can occur from driving in difficult conditions or having to park your car in a place that is exposed to the elements.

Another concern for customers is timeliness.  How long with the repair take and will the shop have the repair completed by the promised date?  This is not just a question of convenience, but can also be a serious financial question, as many insurance companies only cover rental cars for a limited period.  At Northeast Collision, we do not take more work than we can handle, we give accurate estimates for repairs, and we complete your repair by the promised date.

Finally, we focus on affordability.  Even though many auto body repairs are covered by insurance, insurance coverage should never be an excuse to overcharge for services.  We charge reasonable rates, whether you are paying out-of-pocket or through an insurance company.

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