Reducing Your Reliance on Fossil Fuels With Residential Solar Panels in St. Charles, MO

It is not only the residents of particularly sunny states like Utah and Hawaii that benefit from solar power. By installing Residential Solar Panels St Charles MO homeowners make an investment that will pay off in the future. It improves the value of their home and reduces utility company reliance. Every solar panel installed helps to promote a clean environment because it reduces the need for fossil fuels. Clean energy options like solar power are more common and affordable than ever before.

Determining how soon a homeowner will see their investment returned is complex. Factors like home size, the number of residents in the home and the number of panels installed must be considered. Solar installers like Cain Electric can provide these answers to their customers along with an accurate estimate for installation. There are still many tax deductions, rebates and incentives available with solar installation. These help to make the cost of the investment much lower than many people expect. The company will also explain any future maintenance needs and answer any questions the homeowner may have.

Installation of solar panels is usually performed in a single day for small to mid-sized homes and up to three days for more complex projects. Installers inspect the home prior to an installation to make certain the roof and home will support the weight of the panels. The service is thoroughly inspected after completion, and the local utility company is notified of the project. The final approval for operation is given by a local utility company inspector and once it is received a meter is installed, and the system is ready for use.

With Residential Solar Panels St Charles MO will reduce their monthly utility bills and have the peace of mind of knowing they are contributing to a cleaner environment. People do not need to avoid solar power just because they do not want their entire roof covered with panels. Homeowners can have any size of the system installed on their property. Installing a single panel to power a garage or shed is possible.

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