Does the Old Duct System Have to Go When Installing a New Residential System for Heating And Air in Derby, KS?

There is no doubt that the old system for Heating And Air in Derby KS has to go. Based on what the repair specialist found, the cost of repairing the older unit would be almost as much as buying a new one. Given the age of the older unit, opting for a replacement is the most practical move. Along with replacing the main unit, it may be time to invest in a new duct system. Here are some of the reasons why an inspection and possible replacement are in order.

The Condition of the Duct System

Few homeowners think much about the duct systems in their homes unless something goes wrong. Since there is the need to buy a new unit, now is a great time to have a pro check the duct sections and see how they are holding up. In some cases, the professional may find that some of the seams are weakened, and the metal is corroded. Unless the duct sections are in essentially good shape, the best move is to talk about replacing the ducts with something new.

The System Configuration

Another point to ponder is how the duct system is configured. While it may have been fine when the system was first installed, a lot of changes have taken place since then. The owner has added a room or two, and the way the additional ductwork was connected to the main system leaves something to be desired. When an expert finds that the setup is less than ideal, it does make sense to consider a full replacement. In the long run, a system that is designed to match the current layout of the house will lower energy costs and save money.

The Age of the System

At first glance, the duct system may seem to be fine. Before making any assumptions, stop and think about how long it has been in place. Has the same duct network been used with three or more systems for heating and air in Derby KS? If so, that means the ductwork has been in place for decades. There’s a good chance that an updated system will be more energy efficient and allow the owner to get more out of the new heating and cooling unit.

If changes are in order, Contact Kelley and Dawson Service today. It won’t take long to design new ducts and make sure they serve the homeowner well for years.

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