Reasons to Call the Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County, MO

Reasons to Call the Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County, MO

People may do a lot of talking about lawyers, but the fact is, just about all of them will have to use a lawyer at some point or another in their lives. Lawyers can be used practically in every area of a person’s life, from settling matters with wills to handling cases of personal injury to defending a person for drunk driving. The Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO helps and defends clients in many legal areas. Three of the areas the law firm helps clients with are personal injury cases, workers’ compensation cases and criminal cases.

Your Need for Personal Injury Defense

If a person suffers a personal injury in Missouri, he or she should realize that they have five years from the date of the accident and injury to file a lawsuit in a civil court. If the person fails to meet that deadline, the case probably won’t be heard, and neither will there be an opportunity to be awarded damages. The person should also realize that the other party can use the pure comparative fault rule, which lays part of the blame at his or her door.

Your Need for Workers’ Compensation and Criminal Representation

People get hurt while on the job all the time, and when that happens workers’ compensation is supposed to kick in, while the injured employee has to ensure certain documents are filled out and that specified doctors are seen. Sometimes there is a break down in the workers’ compensation being awarded, and an attorney will be needed. People also may need a lawyer for the criminal defense, particularly if they believe themselves to be innocent. The attorneys are available for these cases also.

Calling on the Attorney in Jefferson County, Missouri

The Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO will take on cases involving personal injury, workers compensation, criminal defense and many other areas for clients in need. The attorneys at the firm also take on cases involving family law, and have been providing these services since 1947. If there are any persons in need of legal services in Jefferson County, Missouri, the attorneys are available. They can be reached by visiting the website at

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