R-value and its importance when shopping for New Overhead Doors in Phoenix AZ

For those who have previously gone out shopping for New Overhead Doors in Phoenix AZ, they may have heard the phrase ‘R-value’ mentioned. For instance, the door’s description would possibly read something like 16ft x 9ft, 8 R-value. Many people hardly know what this number stands for, or why it’s an important consideration when selecting an overhead door.

R-value Explained

R-value is a computation of thermal efficiency. It denotes how effective a door can resist the transfer of heat across the door. If temperatures on a particular side of an overhead garage door are warm while the other end of the garage door is chilly, the temperatures would naturally transfer to balance energies. Therefore, a garage door with a higher R-Value would be better suited to prevent heat transfer and thus heat loss.

Does R-value Matter?

This is an important question when shopping for an overhead garage door. Understanding the R-value helps homeowners ascertain how efficient the door will be at preventing heat loss in the garage and home. Heating the garage during wintertime can be costly, so if the garage isn’t going to be used all the time then the homeowner may not need a door with a high R-value. Heat loss through the overhead door is money lost. For those who use their garage as a workshop all year round or have rooms adjacent to the garage, then they will want to choose doors with high R-values.

What R-Value to look for

Most people use their garages for various other purposes aside from parking their car. A garage can serve as a workshop or even as a storage room for different items. With such uses, temperature control becomes an important factor. Therefore, when considering the R-values of New Overhead Doors in Phoenix AZ, high R-values are better. Experts advocate for R-values ranging from 12-18. Moreover, homeowners should also consider other important aspects such as the bottom seal, sealing joints and weather stripping when shopping for a new garage door.

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