Questions Asked by the Injury Attorney in Bessemer AL

Accidents can happen at any time and cause injuries, but in certain circumstances the person who is injured will be able to receive compensation for their injuries. This is the case if the injuries were caused by negligence or a direct action, and the person could receive money to cover medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more depending on the situation. Anyone who has been injured can speak with an Injury Attorney in Bessemer AL to find out if they’re eligible for compensation. Some of the questions the attorney may ask them include the following.

1. How Were You Injured? – The attorney needs to know what kind of accident caused the injuries and what injuries the person sustained.

2. What Caused the Accident? – They will need to know why the accident occurred. For example, a car accident may occur because the other driver was texting and driving.

3. Are You At Fault in the Accident? – The attorney asks this because some accidents are caused by both people, not one person exclusively. For example, two people who are speeding might be equally liable in an accident.

4. What Expenses Did You Incur? – Medical bills, property damage bills, lost wages and more can be expenses related to the accident. Attorneys need to know about these so they can help the person obtain an adequate settlement.

5. What Evidence Do You Have? – The attorney will need as much evidence as possible to begin working on the case. This can be police reports, medical reports, witness statements, medical bills, pay stubs showing loss of wages, and anything else the person has that explains the accident and how much money they need to financially recover from the accident.

These are the basic questions an Injury Attorney in Bessemer AL will ask their client. Once the attorney knows there is a valid case, the attorney will ask more specific questions and start working on the case. They’ll attempt to negotiate an adequate settlement for the person, including the legal fees, so the person will not have to pay accident-related expenses if the accident wasn’t their fault. Anyone who has been injured can Meet Forstman & Cutchen as soon as possible to find out what their options are. Be prepared to answer these questions and more at the first meeting.

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