Questions and Answers About Pet Vaccination In Olathe KS For Dogs

Questions and Answers About Pet Vaccination In Olathe KS For Dogs

Individuals and families who have a dog or a puppy should regularly take their animals to the vet for a Pet Vaccination in Olathe KS. Regular vaccines help dogs of every age stay healthy and free of life threatening illnesses. Read the questions and answers below to learn valuable information about dogs and vaccinations.

Why are dog vaccinations recommended by veterinarians?

Individuals who have their dogs vaccinated are helping to prevent their pet from contracting illnesses that can be life threatening. A vaccine contains a trace amount of the antigens that are present in a specific disease. When dogs are vaccinated, their immune system works to produce antibodies that ward off the illness if the animal is subjected to the disease.

When should puppies and adult dogs get the vaccinations they need?

Puppies can get their first vaccinations of distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus and coronavirus when they’re six weeks of age. These vaccines are repeated about every three weeks until the puppy reaches 16 weeks old. Some veterinarians also recommend that puppies have a rabies shot when they’re three to four months old.

The vaccination schedule for a Pet Vaccination in Olathe KS for adult dogs includes booster shots at one year of age and then again when the animal is three years old. Pet owners can speak with their veterinarian, who can recommend any additional vaccinations based on the animal’s age, condition and susceptibility of contracting certain illnesses.

Should individuals be aware of any side effects that are common after dogs get vaccinated?

Many dogs don’t have any side effects after they have a vaccination, but mild side effects, such as redness or swelling in the area where the vaccination was given, minor fever, a runny nose and a reduced appetite. Some less common side effects, including diarrhea, vomiting, breathing difficulties and swelling of the face, can be life threatening. Individuals should contact their veterinarian immediately if any of these symptoms occur.

When individuals in Olathe need to get their pets vaccinated, they can contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. This clinic provides exceptional care and treatment for dogs and cats including emergency and urgent care services. Pet owners can click here to learn more about this vet clinic and to schedule an appointment. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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