Important Vaccinations Provided at a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS

Important Vaccinations Provided at a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS

As a dog owner, the health of your pet is a top priority. One way to protect your pet from getting sick is by having them fully vaccinated each year. There are many important vaccinations that you can request from a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS. Staying up-to-date on these shots is one way to help your dog live a long and happy life.


Dogs are required by law to have a current rabies shot. Rabies is a dangerous disease that affects the brain of dogs and other animals. Humans can also become infected. Rabies is transmitted through the saliva of another infected animal. Dogs often don’t show any symptoms in the early stages, and it’s always fatal if left untreated.


Distemper is one of the most fatal viral illnesses your dog can catch. It can affect multiple systems of your pet’s body. There is no known cure for distemper. However, it’s also completely preventable. A Dog Clinic in Olathe KS can give your dog a vaccination to prevent them from catching this deadly virus.


Parvovirus is another serious disease. Parvo is highly contagious, and it spreads rampantly in shelters and kennels. The virus is strong enough to live for a year outside the body. Although it’s treatable, many dogs, especially puppies, die from parvo each year. Having your dog vaccinated is the only way to protect them from catching it.


Dogs who are frequently in close quarters with other canines should be vaccinated for bordetella. This bacteria is commonly spread at kennels, dog parks, and grooming facilities. It causes upper-respiratory infections. While most cases are usually mild, it can be deadly to dogs with underlying health issues.

Be sure to check with Falcon Valley Animal Hospital to learn which vaccinations your pet needs. Some vaccines need to be repeated every year, while others are longer lasting. Boosters may be required. Other vaccines may be recommended, depending on your dog’s overall health and lifestyle.

Your dog relies on you to protect them. Keeping your dog healthy and safe starts with having them vaccinated. Schedule an annual checkup for your dog each year. Vaccines save lives and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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