(Prp) Plasma Rich Platelet for Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Our skin takes on a lot of damage from a variety of sources including the sun, which has harmful UV rays, chemicals that we may be exposed to, and even makeup and cleaning products which can strip away natural oils that our skin needs to thrive. Even our diets and the stress in our every day lives takes a toll on our skin. It is no wonder that, with age, our skin will start to show the damage that it has been exposed to. However, prp plasma rich platelet therapy can help rejuvenate your skin and make it look your again.

What Is Prp Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy? Plasma is the liquid portion in our blood, while platelets are cells in our blood that play an important role in healing. Prp plasma rich platelet therapy involves injecting plasma that is rich in platelet cells into the site of an injury. It has been proven that prp plasma rich platelet therapy can help individuals recover from surgery and can speed up healing for a variety of conditions including muscle injuries and knee sprains.

How Will Prp Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy Help Me?:  Just as prp plasma rich platelet therapy helps heal other tissue, it can also help rejuvenate your skin. The healing factors in platelets include growth hormones and other healing factors that are naturally produced in your body, but aren’t released to rejuvenate your skin because our DNA was not programmed to release them for the purposes of skin repair. Luckily, science has now allowed us access to prp plasma rich platelet therapy so that all of the natural healing factors can be put to work on your skin.

Always Consult a Professional: Prp plasma rich platelet therapy should always be performed in a clinical setting by an experienced health care professional. Any professional that you contact should be able to account for your specific case and give you the best recommendation for your individual situation.

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