Preserving Memories While There’s Still Time: What a Wedding Video Company in Lexington, KY Can Do

Those old 8 mm films of the grandparent’s wedding and reception are collecting dust in the closet. Those VHS tapes of the parent’s weddings are not seeing much in the way of use these days either. In both cases, time and gradual deterioration are working to erase those memories and ensure they are lost forever. Before that can happen, it makes sense to gather the older media and take it to a Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY. Here is what they can do to stop the damage and, possibly, even undo some of what has already taken place.

Converting From an Older Format

One of the first things the team at the Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY will do is convert the older media into something more contemporary. This provides the opportunity to assess the level of damage that has already taken place and decide what can be done with it. For example, old films may be so damaged that the most practical approach is to capture stills that can be converted into digital images and displayed in a slide presentation with as much of the original audio as possible.

The Editing Process

It’s not just about extracting whatever is still possible to salvage. The editing process also provides the opportunity to enhance what is left and make it look fresh again. Faded colors can be restored to their original hues, effectively making the finished video look as if it had been taken the day before. Even the audio can be digitally enhanced so that it’s easier to hear what people are saying and make the experience like being at the actual event again.

Choosing More Than One Format

Once the older media is salvaged and edited, there’s the matter of choosing which formats would work best. When the plan is to restore those older wedding videos as a gift for an anniversary, consider what format would work best for the recipients. For many, a DVD would work well. Others may be happy with access to video streams they can download and save themselves.

Call today and find out more about the options for restoring and editing older video footage. Taking action today provides the opportunity to preserve those memories before they are lost forever.

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