Preparing to Attend Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma

Preparing to Attend Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma

Those that are in the market for a new vehicle probably dread spending their weekend dealing with salespeople. Even worse than that taking time to scour the internet and worrying about meeting up with a random person to look at the vehicle. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma. If the thought of going to an auction seems a little intimidating, here are some simple tips.

Time to Preview

Before the auction starts, those participating will have a chance to walk around and view the vehicles that are being auctioned. Look the car over for any visual damage or anything that stands out. Those that don’t know a lot about cars might want to bring someone with them with a better eye for these types of things. It is a visual inspection, but people can open various compartments and doors of the vehicle. They can see what kind of shape the interior is in and start the engine. This allows one to listen for any odd noises and confirm that the engine works properly.

The Lights

Once the decision has been made on the car that one wishes to purchase, plan to wait for the auction to place that vehicle on the block. There will be a light near the auctioneer. At an auto auction, a green light means that the vehicle is working but is subject to arbitration policies. A red light means that the car is being sold “as is”. A yellow light tells buyers to listen carefully as the seller will announce the items that are subject to dispute. Once they are mentioned, they are no longer eligible for arbitration. Then, a blue light means that the car doesn’t come with a title. Those that opt to purchase a title-less vehicle have 30 days to secure a title and provide proof of ownership to the auction.

Bidding Process

Bidding is straightforward. Do the research before buying to know the market price of the vehicle. Listen carefully to the auctioneer. Speak quickly and if in doubt as a “ring man” in the lane to verify what was said.

Those looking to attend Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma, do some research and head to Wiggins Auctioneers LLC. For Vehicle Auctions in Woodward Oklahoma visit and sign up for alerts for auctions that might be of interest. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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