Preparing for Tree Removal in Bronx, NY

It is never easy to remove a large, damaged tree in your yard. Because this type of work can be dangerous to you, anyone else nearby and your home itself, calling a professional is always the best option. There are some things can do to make a Tree Removal project move faster and easier. Here are a few to consider.

Clear the Yard

It will be important to understand where the tree service is planning on having the tree fall. With this information you will be able to remove anything in your yard which may be in the way. It is also a good idea to clear everything directly around the tree and make certain there is a clear path from the driveway or road to the tree for easy clean-up.

Turn off the Power

Power and cable lines which are in the same area where a tree removal in Bronx NY area is planned, will require these services to be turned off during the removal. Utility workers may even need to be on site to move the lines if they are where the tree needs to fall. Discuss with the tree service who is responsible for scheduling this work before the removal day arrives.

Notify Your Neighbors

Tree removal can be noisy and messy. If your home is very close to other houses, notify your neighbors. They will appreciate the warning and can make certain their children and pets are not running around while the work is in progress.

Know Where the Wood is Going

Discuss with your tree service who will clean up your felled tree and remove its stump once it is down. Many professional companies do this service for their clients too and are able to reuse the chips for their landscaping services so nothing is wasted. However, if you have a wood stove or fireplace, you may not to keep the wood for yourself. Make certain whatever situation you prefer is included in the price you were quoted.

Tree Removal in Bronx is necessary for many reasons, some aesthetic, others for safety. Whatever size tree you need removed, for whatever reason, find a professional tree service that will be able to do the job right. This type of company will remove even the largest tree without any damage to your landscaping or home.

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