Preparing for an EP Study from an Electrophysiologist in Florida

Cardiac patients may have to undergo several tests for a doctor to get a better look at the heart to diagnose a heart condition. Along with MRIs or CT scans, a procedure called an electrophysiology study is sometimes warranted to map the heart in order to diagnose specific heart conditions. These studies are conducted by a cardiac specialist called an electrophysiologist.

Electrophysiology Study Preparations

If you are told by an electrophysiologist in Florida that you need to have an electrophysiology study, or EP study, you will be given specific instructions to prepare for the study. The procedure will be conducted in a hospital, but it is an outpatient procedure, so you should only be there a few hours to have the study done. It is important to tell your doctor what medications you are on, especially if you take a blood thinner such as Coumadin, to avoid any complications.
Along with taking a list of medications to the hospital with you, you will usually be instructed to continue taking your medications, except for blood thinners. You will be told to stop taking Coumadin, or other blood thinners, several days prior to the study. You will also be told not to eat or drink anything at least 8 hours prior to the study to avoid nausea.

Additional Instructions

You should bring someone with you to the hospital so they can take you home after the EP study has concluded. Since an EP study is an invasive procedure, the electrophysiologist conducting the study will advise you of any possible complications that could result from it. The doctor will be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns about the study.

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