Platform Scales for Diverse Applications

Platform scales are used in a variety of industries with multiple applications. Some examples of platform scales include personal weighing machines for private individuals and within the medical profession, shop counter scales, postal weighing systems, and high precision laboratory balances What Are Industrial Platform Scales?

Industrial platform scales are instruments for measuring weight and they include an automatic lever system, adjustable weights, a platform that is adjoined and a minimum of one and sometimes multiple load cells which are placed under a platform to weigh heavy or larger objects.

Applications for Platform Scales

Platform scales are used in a variety of industries for various applications. The fish processing industry uses platform scales to weigh fish prior to and after packaging, food and beverage processors use them to weigh goods on pallets prior to shipping, Medical providers use them to weigh patients to determine their body weight and shipping companies use them to weigh freight and other packages to determine shipping costs.

Platform scales are also used in the agricultural industry to weigh live animals prior to sale and harvested goods. They work exceptionally well for weighing over-sized or bulky objects. They may be customized for easy clean up and wash down for messy applications. This type of scale is available for precision weight measurement of large or heavy objects or for measuring in grams. Whatever the industry or application, there is a platform scale system that may be customized to provide precision weight measurements for your operation.

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