Defining Private Duty Home Care

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Home care is a broad field with many different types of agencies and care providers. An individual may hire him or herself out for basic caregiving services. This may include simple respite or involve light housework and other household matters. On the other hand, if the client requires long-term and custodial care, the best option may be to talk to an agency about private duty home care.

What Is Private Duty Home Care?

Private duty home care addresses the growing need of seniors to remain independent and in their own home. Its intent is to make sure the elderly, their families or other providers receive what they need to meet this goal. They provide the necessary services, including some medical ones, that allow the affected individuals – and though most are, not all are elderly, to remain where they feel the most comfortable for a as long as possible.

Some categorize private duty home care as a “subset” of the broader field of home care. They may provide any or all of the following services to their clients:

* Items of Personal care – bathing / dressing, hygiene, transfers, and ambulation

* Homemaking

* Companionship

* Meal preparation

* Medication reminders

Within this category, you will also find those private duty home care givers who are trained for and specialize in certain medical conditions that affect the body, mind and behavior of their clients including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Many are trained in end-of-life therapy.

Private Duty Home Care: Skilled Nursing Services

Those who are involved with private duty home care may be nurses and other specialists. They are there to provide extensive in-home nursing and therapy services. Among the specific medical services this type of home care worker may deliver are:

* Port-surgical care

* Hospital discharge care

* Medication administration and management

* Palliative care

* Physical therapy and rehabilitation services

* Care of chronic conditions

* Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments

* Help with navigating the health system

While many of these services may be offered through various agencies, and associations, the way a client may pay for the services is quite different.
Payment Methods

Private duty home care is sometimes referred to as insurance-paid in-home services. Payment of this type can be made in one of two possible ways:

* Full Coverage: The insurance company pays for the full amount based on the client’s medical insurance

* Supplemental Insurance: In this method, Medicaid pays for a certain percentage of the cost or plays the role usually taken by Medicare insurance

Alternatively, clients can pay for the services out of their own pocket.

If you decide to opt for private duty home care, be sure you understand exactly what it offers. You also need to consider such things as how you are going to pay for it and whether it is a good match for the individual and any other caregivers. . Remember this type of home care arrangement may not be suitable for everyone. Private duty home care does, however, offer you and your family members an option that should not be ignored.

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