Performing Termite Control in Brooklyn

Performing Termite Control in Brooklyn

When someone notices portions of wood in their home that appears to have been weakened, there may be a termite problem present within the structure. It is necessary to contact a company that does Termite Control in Brooklyn to effectively remove these pests in their entirety. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to keep termites from returning to their property after a pest control eradicates these insects.

Bait Traps Can Be Positioned Within The Soil

A pest control service can equip the property with small bait traps to aid in the elimination of termites from soil around the home. These consist of tubules that are partially underground. The top portion can be filled with a pesticide-filled food that termites will be likely to be attracted to. The termites will be able to access the bottom portion of the tubules from beneath the soil. The food will be brought back to the nests where the bulk of a termite colony lives, killing the entire batch as a result.

Beneficial Nematodes Can Be Placed On The Property

If a homeowner wishes to use an organic method to eliminate termites, they should consider using beneficial nematodes on their property. These are small worm-like creatures known to eat termites within the soil. They are not a harm to people or pets, making them a great alternative over pesticides.

Additional Evaluations Can Be Done Frequently

Calling a pest control service each year to do an evaluation of the property will aid in the elimination of termites before they become a full-blown problem. The pest control service will do an assessment of the structure to determine if termites have indeed returned. They can also make recommendations on ways to protect exposed wood so termites are less likely to try to gain access to the home. This includes the elimination moisture as well as treating wood with deterring agents.

When there is a need to have a pest control service come to a home to help with termite control in Brooklyn, hiring a professional with experience in this field is a must. Contact Metro Pest today to find out more.

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