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Every child is Unique

The pediatricians and kind staff at Pediatrix focus on the overall well-being of their patients. They believe each child is a unique individual who deserves to have their specific needs met with each visit. In cases of children with special needs, their doctors coordinate referral with specialists to ensure the care process is stress-free for both the children and parents. For well baby visits, we ask that you make your appointment 30 days in advance in order for us to allocate a proper amount of time for their visit.

You can expect a call from their laboratory as soon as possible

Experienced pediatric doctors from Pediatrix strive for excellence in practicing medicine and remain current on medical treatments and procedures. Pediatrix also houses an on-site lab for routine blood work and other basic tests. And they’re quick! You can typically expect test results to be available within 72 hours of the test. Because the doctors at Pediatrix know how important test results are to you, you can expect a call from them or their laboratory the day results are available, even if it is after hours.

They are available after office hours if you need it

Pediatric Services Phoenix is open extended hours to meet the needs of working parents. But, please note that if you have questions about a prescription, it is important to call during office hours when the doctor has access to your child’s medical records. No one can predict when children are going to get sick or hurt. Pediatrix understands that. They make sure their pediatricians are available after office hours during the weekdays and even on weekends and holidays. This on-call service is provided to their patients to assist with any medical issues that may arise during these “non-business hour” times.

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