Parts of the Average Air Conditioner System

Parts of the Average Air Conditioner System

When you think about the various systems that are used day in and day out in your home, there are few that are used more often than the hearing and air. Keeping you and your family safe and comfortable is a full-time job and often the system works overtime to do its job. This means that air conditioning services in Road Oak TX are often needed. Unfortunately, most homeowners have little working knowledge of how their system functions, so we wanted to give a quick overview of this hard working and vital part of your home.

Basic Parts of the Air Conditioner System
This complex system can be broken down into four basic parts:

  • Evaporator – This is the area that takes the liquid refrigerant and uses it to cool the air, so it can be circulated throughout the house to cool it down.
  • Condenser – This component facilitates heat transfer and is responsible for warming up the air when the heater is turned on, so the house can warm up.
  • Expansion valve – This small yet essential component works by regulating how much of the refrigerant flows into the system- more refrigerant means cooler air.
  • Compressor – This is the pump that helps to keep refrigerant at the right pressure, so it can move freely through the system and keeps everything working effectively.

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