Overcome Your Fear Of Visiting The Dentist

Overcome Your Fear Of Visiting The Dentist

There are many people that, for whatever reason, fear going to the dentist and when they finally do, they are extremely anxious and nervous. For these patients the solution is to have the dental work done while they are sedated. A Gold Coast Chicago dentist that practices conscious sedation has a number of techniques at his or her disposal that can ensure that the patient gets the dental care that is needed with no appreciable stress.

It is not unusual for a patient to be reluctant to discuss the fact that he is apprehensive about going to the dentist. There is no good reason for this, dentists are faced with patients every day that are nervous about the unknown and they know how to deal with them. A nervous patient can distract the dentist, making his job more difficult and possibly even complicating matters.

How conscious sedation helps:

A Gold Coast Chicago dentist that practices conscious sedation can give patients medication in a number of ways. In many cases the dentist will give the patient a tablet to take an hour or so before the appointment is scheduled, in other cases the sedative will be administered along with oxygen or via an intravenous drip. Regardless of how the sedative is administered, the result is the same; the patient remains calm and comfortable and is able to readily respond to directives that are given by the dentist.

Conscious sedation is a great help for those that express considerable anxiety, it is also helpful for those patients that are facing lengthy procedures such as having multiple cavities fixed in a single sitting. Children can benefit considerably when they are lightly sedated, as they often have difficulty responding to the directions of their Gold Coast Chicago dentist treating them can often be more difficult than need be.

Dr. Peter M. Tomaselli is a Gold Coast Chicago dentist that has been helping his patients deal with their anxiety. Using a combination of conscious sedation and experience, Dr. Tomaselli helps his patients feel safe and ready for their dental treatment. For more information visit Chicago Smile Design.

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