Mattress Types: What Suits You

There are many different kinds of mattresses available now. You can have foam mattresses, innercoil mattresses, and even bladder mattresses. You need to look at what you want to get out of your mattress, and the money you are willing to send to find a mattress type that will work best for you.

Innerspring or Innercoil

Traditionally, mattresses have been made out of individual metal springs, as known as coils, which give support to your body while you sleep. These coils form pockets that are grouped together, and then the groups are upholstered in batting for comfort. Finally, the whole thing is then topped with a quilted layer to keep it all together. This is still a common mattress type, and it is going to provide a decent night’s sleep. Some people will complain that there are stress points on an innerspring mattress, and they do occur. If this bothers you there are other types of mattresses you can look into.


Mattresses made of foam come in a large variety of qualities. Some foam mattresses are thin and not very durable. They are designed for short term use, and have great portability. However, they would not work well for an everyday sleeping arrangement. Other types of foam used to make a foam mattress in Hattiesburg, MS may be more applicable. Gel foam is one of the newer types, and it is celebrated for its relatively long lifespan and its ability to stay cool. Memory foam is also a common type of foam used in mattresses.

Bladder Mattresses

Air and water mattresses both rely on a filled bladder to provide a sleeping surface. Air mattresses have great portability, and they take up very little space. They are not going to be the most comfortable to sleep on, but for several nights it would work just find. Water beds have fallen out of favor since the 80’s or so. That is just because they are not very portable, and they are not very good for a long term sleeping solution.

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