How ORI Environmental in Kansas Contributes to a Healthier Planet

There are now dozens of agencies that act as environmental watchdogs. They range from federal groups, like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to state bureaus who have their own rules. To stay compliant with these rules and to make earth-friendly choices, many businesses work closely with experts like ORI Environmental in Kansas. Their services include safety training, waste disposal options, and recycling services.

Environment Training Protects Workers and the Planet

Many industries are now required to pass rigorous inspections in to meet regulations and qualify for necessary licenses. Experts like ORI Environmental in Kansas consult with these businesses and develop custom programs that help them meet goals. That generally means enrolling employees in classes. They can include options like training in hazardous material transportation, HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) classes, and respiratory protection instruction.

Experts Help Businesses Comply With Waste Regulations

In addition to teaching their clients, environmental experts also provide services that solve many problems. For example, industries may Contact ORI Environmental to arrange for roll-off containers. Clients can order the huge metal dumpsters in capacities ranging from 20 – 40 cubic yards. They are used to safely collect and responsibly dispose of debris such as hazardous waste, sludge, industrial chemical substances, and impacted soil. Professional containerized waste solutions can include thermal destruction as well as chemical landfill disposal.

Recycling Programs Conserve Natural Resources

Environmental specialists will customize oil, oil filter, and antifreeze recycling programs for their clients. Oil recycling includes testing, manifesting, and processing used oil so that it can be used as burner fuel. Specialists will also deliver containers clients can use to collect used oil filters. The filters are collected, crushed and, eventually, used in metal recycling and used oil recovery. In addition, technicians will collect used antifreeze and transfer it to a facility that can recover any usable glycol.

Industrial environmental specialists offer a range of consulting services and classes that help businesses comply with federal and local regulations. Professionals also offer customized waste disposal solutions. In addition, their clients can arrange for recycling services that allow them to responsibly dispose of antifreeze as well as oil and oil filters.

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