4 Things to Do Before You Choose a Hammond Transformer Supplier

Electricity from power plants are carried at a tremendously high voltage to residential and commercial properties. No worries, though. With the use of a transformer, it’s easy to reduce the voltage of the electricity and lower it enough to make it fit for use. That’s where a piece of equipment like a Hammond transformer proves useful. Before you can shop around for one though, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier to help you out.

Do the math

Before you settle on a Hammond transformer suppliers, make sure the transformer is the best one for your power distribution project. Are you going to use it for a building? Figure out the maximum coincident load of the service transformer first. That basically refers to the largest load the transformer can carry. Find out what the loads, and depending on operational requirements, know the kVA these loads will require. Calculate these until you find the maximum coincident load and check the numbers against what your transformer is capable of handling, says the EC&M.

Cover the basics

From delivery times to quality, you’ll want to make sure you find Hammond transformer suppliers that offer custom-made solutions and consider your needs, operational requirements and timetable. Any supplier that delivers on these things is a great option and should remain on your top list of choices.

Ask around

There’s always something to be said for research. So go around and ask about the reputation of the suppliers on your list. This is a handy way to find out if they’re the kind of suppliers you want or not. Are they difficult to work with? Do they deliver a lot of defective products? Online research can also help. Go and look for reviews or complaints lodged against the supplier, if there are any.

So don’t forget these tips when you shop around for the right supplier for your power and transformer needs.

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