Options Orthodontics Brooklyn Park MN Providers Should Deliver

Orthodontics isn’t just about metal braces and rubber bands anymore. If it’s time to look into getting teeth straightened, the best orthodontics Brooklyn Park MN providers will be sure to deliver choice. Before setting an appointment to look into braces, be sure to do a little research into the options the provider delivers.

Orthodontics at Twin Cities Dental Park MN is all about diversity. The best orthodontics Brooklyn Park MN providers insist on this. That’s because patients have differing needs, especially at various ages in life. While that tried and true metal braces might be fine for teens, adults like to have more discreet choices in many case.

Options the Best Provide
Orthodontics Brooklyn Park MN providers should at the very least deliver these options to their patients to meet the varying needs for correcting tooth alignment:

• Invisalign – This is a revolutionary approach to straightening teeth that is often favored by adults who don’t want people to notice their braces. This process involves the creation of custom-made aligners that are made especially for a patient. The alignment trays are designed to deliver comfort while being mostly invisible. They are worn over the teeth and gently shift teeth into place over time. This option requires no metal brackets and doesn’t involve the use of wires to tighten. A new set of aligners is introduced every two weeks or so until the desired alignment is obtained.
• Traditional braces – This option has been long proven to produce amazing results. It involves the use of metal brackets and wires to gently bring teeth into alignment over time.

Regardless of the option selected, orthodontics is very effective at treating a number of alignment issues. Braces are generally indicated to correct such concerns as overbite, spacing, crossbite, crowding and more.

Before setting the heart on one type of alignment solution or another, be sure to consult with a licensed orthodontist. He or she is best positioned to help determine what type of aligner is best suited for correcting each individual case. Keep in mind that any type of orthodontics will require semi-frequent trips to the office to ensure that corrections are progressing as planned.

When it’s time to straighten teeth for the smile that’s desired, Twin Cities Dental is available to assist. This practice offers patients the options they seek.

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