Move Your Big Trucks or Tractor Trailers Using Heavy Duty Towing

Move Your Big Trucks or Tractor Trailers Using Heavy Duty Towing

No matter what type of vehicle your drive, compact car, pickup truck or eighteen wheeler the odds are good that it will eventually break down. When this happens you need quick access to a reliable wrecking service and someone who is capable of towing the size and type of vehicle you are driving. When that vehicle is a large truck or tractor trailer rig then the wrecking service should be capable of Heavy Duty Towing. This means they need to have access to another large vehicle with the power to lift and move yours. In many instances, the towing service needs to consider the weight of the load you are pulling as well as the weight of the vehicle.

Towing a large truck or tractor trailer takes a lot of horsepower. In the case of the big rigs, it is often wise to leave the trailer behind and tow only the tractor. Unfortunately, tractor trailers can have more towing problems than simply moving the tractor to a mechanic. For example, a load can shift and cause the trailer to sway out of control. If a driver loses a trailer in this way it may require a special rig to pull the trailer out of harms way.

Sometimes an accident can happen in the middle of the road and the trailer will need to be moved before the tractor can be hauled in for repairs. Another serious problem that tractor trailer operators experience is a shifted or loose load. In these cases the load will need to be adjusted and balanced before being properly secured. With large items you may require a heavy duty lift system in order to move the load properly.

No matter what size of truck you are driving, you want it moved and repaired as quickly as possible. An idle truck means lost money and unhappy customers. When your truck breaks down make sure you are able to contact someone experienced, such as Spankys Wrecker Service. Avoiding delays caused by a wrecking company who isn’t ready for your vehicle could be the difference in delivering on time or even at all. You should also keep in mind that not all wrecking companies support heavy duty towing.

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