Motorcycle Riders Involved in Accidents Should Contact Accident Attorneys in Biloxi MS

It seems as though the image of the guy riding the motorcycle has changed over the years.  Way back in the ’60s, the guy on the bike was perceived as a ‘bad boy’ at best or suspected to be a gang member, riding recklessly and ignoring traffic laws.  Later on, Fonzie came to typify the bike rider – still a ‘bad boy’, but a more responsible rider overall.  Generally, bike riders back then were assumed to be young.  Now, when a pack of Harleys comes roaring down the highway, many think first of Rolling Thunder.  They are not surprised to see an older rider, possibly a veteran, who has been riding all of his life, knows the traffic laws and obeys them.

One thing has not changed; when a motorcycle collides with a car or truck, the bike loses.  A report issued by the Department of Transport in 2013 had some pretty depressing findings.

1. The number of motorcyclist fatalities rose 2% since 2010.

2. Almost all of the fatal crashes were the result of a collision; only 6% were caused by another vehicle hitting the bike from behind.

3. Approximately 42% of biker deaths were caused in two vehicle accidents.  Many of these accidents were the result of the other driver making an unexpected left turn in front of the motorcycle, causing the accident.

4. Accident Attorneys in Biloxi MS

5. often learn that the driver of the car claims to not have seen the motorcycle.

6. Too many bike riders don’t obey the speed limits; 35% of rider deaths were caused by speeding.  This is a much higher percentage than for drivers in other vehicles, but hardly surprising.  Bike riders are totally exposed when the accident happens, not surrounded by tons of steel.

7. For every mile travelled, a bike rider is 30 times more likely to die in a crash than the driver of a car.

8. The average age of a motorcyclist killed in a crash has risen to 42.  This age at death has risen from earlier times.

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