Monster Energy Supports the Music Community

Monster Energy Supports the Music Community

The music community is constantly growing and changing, often more than many other industries. Monster Energy realizes the importance for musicians to have the energy they need, both to produce their music and to perform when they go out on tour. This is why the company works hard to sponsor those in the music industry and connect with them by sponsoring concert tours and helping them find the best ways to reach their audience and succeed in a highly competitive music world.

Bringing the Greatest Music to Cities Across the Nation

One of the goals of the Monster Energy team, including John Kenneally, an executive with the company, is to help people across the country get access to the newest music they will love. They do this by sponsoring concert tours and bands so they can visit more cities throughout the country and share their music with more people. Currently, Monster Energy is sponsoring the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, which has stops throughout the United States and Canada.

The Latest in Music News

In addition to helping bring music straight to listeners’ hometowns, Monster Energy and their entire team are constantly sharing all the latest in industry news to help those who follow them learn more about what’s going on in the industry and with the artists Monster supports. Music fans can count on this energy drink company to continually provide them with the news they’re looking for, as well as the concerts they love to attend.

With John Kenneally, a company executive, behind the wheel, music fans can rest assured they will continue to see new shows appearing in cities near them, as well as access to the latest news in the industry.

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