Mobile Mapping: Getting the Big Picture

Historically, maps have always been an important asset to any business or individual planning construction. It’s important to know what the terrain of an area is like before erecting any structure, as well as to understand potential dangers or complications of building there. The problem has always been that maps don’t give an accurate representation of three-dimensional land features, and are often outdated.

This is why mobile mapping is so important to modern construction.

What Is Mobile Mapping?

Mobile mapping is the gathering of information – usually pictures, video, and other media renderings – of terrain by mobile means, such as ground vehicles. Today’s mobile mapping solutions offer features like 360-degree video and photo capture, radar rendering of below-ground features and more. This allows a deeper and more relevant understanding of an area’s physical attributes.

Who Does Mobile Mapping Serve?

Mobile mapping is vital to a variety of construction projects. Companies like Frontier Precision partner with a wide array of engineers and planners to offer mapping services that are tailored to their individual needs. These potential projects include:

• The creation of roadways and railways

• The routing of waterways and the creation of ports and harbors

• Oil and gas refinery construction, as well as mine and quarry set up

• Utility line installation, such as electric and water lines

• Conservation efforts, park and recreation area planning

• Corporate and residential structure planning

All of these projects require different mobile mapping solutions. Modern providers employ well-trained technicians and consult with engineers and historians to keep detailed records on the locations they service and keep these surveys up to date. Because of these services, construction can move forward at a faster pace, utilities can be provided to larger populations without delay, and all of these tasks can be completed more safely than ever before.

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