Millwright Services: Following An Ancient Tradition

Millwright Services: Following An Ancient Tradition

Millwright services are in as much demand today as they were centuries ago. One of the oldest professional trades’ people in engineering, originally, millwrights repaired mills, hence the name. Today, millwrights perform a variety of tasks. They also sport different names. Among the many ones are:

• Maintenance Mechanic
• Maintenance Millwright Service
• Gear Repairer
• Automated Equipment Engineering Technician
• Machine Set-Up Operator
• Industrial Machine Assembler
• Construction Millwright
• Machine Erector or Installer
• Machinery Dismantler

Each of these sobriquets often describes the millwright’s role for a specific task. It reflects the tradition of naming a trade to indicate the work.
What Are Millwright Services?

A millwright provides highly accurate service for his or her employers. The work involves machinery or equipment. During the carrying out of his/her duties, a millwright may perform the following actions on machinery:

• Installations
• Dismantling
• Repairs
• Reassembling
• Moving

Such work occurs in a factory or power plant. It also takes place on a construction site or in an oil patch. By working on site, modern millwrights are continuing their tradition of fieldwork.

In many ways, millwrights provide an excellent example of technological adaptability in the trades. They easily shifted their knowledge and skill base from waterpower to steam to hydroelectric. They moved from the need to understand the properties of wood to a complete comprehension of metallurgy. They learned how to read schematics and the more complex blueprints in order to install, dismantle or repair modern machinery and its components.

Millwright Services Moving with the Times

From the very beginning, millwrights have been quick to adapt to the changing demands of technology. From their roots as constructors and repairers of mills, they have moved with the technological advancements. While they still retained the name of millwright, reflecting their origins, they have since established themselves as experts in installing, repairing and even moving modern equipment.

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