Avoid These Plasma Cutter Table Problems

If you are thinking about buying a plasma cutter table, there are some important considerations and research that should go into the decision. Often shops and metal center tend to shop the big brands, but the big brands aren’t always right for every application.

Regardless of the specific brand or manufacturer you are considering, it is well worth your time to consider the options. This will allow you to have confidence in the eventual model and brand you choose and also to allow you to avoid common mistakes that occur with a new equipment purchase or when replacing old or outdated plasma cutters.

Durability Matters

All new plasma cutter table designs and models are going to be marketed as being rugged, durable and dependable. However, the actual proof is how this equipment stands up in real world applications.
By staying with a brand that has been around for awhile, it is possible to read reviews on online sites and ask questions on forums to get answers from machinist, fabricators and others who routinely use the equipment. These professionals may have used a particularly brand of equipment for years, which is a great testimony to the durability and ruggedness of the equipment.

Design Matters

Take a very close look at the design of the plasma cutter table you are considering. Look specifically at the movement of the system and how precisely it is controlled. The more precision that is built into the table and the movement the more precise your cuts and work will be.
The design should also allow movement without friction. Once friction becomes an issue, there will be problems with precision and consistency of the cutting ability of the system.


There will always be maintenance to any plasma table and system. Look for designs and models that offer very low maintenance and limited downtime for routine cleaning and care.

While this important for the table component, don’t forget to also consider the software side. Look for systems that are easy to update and upgrade and that require minimal, basic training to get your team up to speed on using the equipment.

Look at any plasma cutting system with an eye for what could be a potential problem. Do your research online as well and find out how others rate the system before making a purchase.

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