How a Long-Term Care Pharmacy Can Help Your Facility’s Residents

How a Long-Term Care Pharmacy Can Help Your Facility’s Residents

To implement the best pharmaceutical support for residents of your assisted living facility, correctional facility, or hospice care center, take advantage of specialized long-term care pharmacy services, as defined by These pharmacies specialize in the care of the elderly over a long period of time, which is exactly the case for many residents of medical or correctional institutions.

Careful, Personalized Care

As prescriptions change over time, and as health conditions wax and wane, a long-term care pharmacist maintains a careful record of personalized care for each of your facility’s residents. In this way, a pharmacist with long-term care expertise will be ready to help you manage your residents’ health during every step of the way—through prescription changes, dosage adjustments, and side effect management.

Assistance Whenever Needed

Most long-term care pharmacies are open 24/7, 365 days a year and will always have a pharmacist on call. If there are any questions about a dosage change or the effects that a new prescription may have on one of your facility’s residents, you do not need to wait. Instead, take control of the situation and the patient’s quality of life by seeking support whenever you may need it.

Experience That Matters

As outlined by, a long-term care pharmacy employs only the best pharmaceutical specialists. Each of these pharmacists undergoes both an intense education and hands-on experience as a part of the pharmacy school curriculum. As board-certified pharmacists with particularly specialized training in long-term treatment, you can rest assured that your residents are receiving only the best care.

By providing these services to patients within your facility or organization, you demonstrate a commitment to specialized care—improving quality of life and providing the best medical support to your residential community.

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