Locate Vintage Designer Items for Sale at Discounted Prices

Authentic vintage designer labeled items are not easily found because most times they are rip-offs and over priced. Finding a dealer or store that carries the authentic form takes a while because you will need to bring an appraiser with you to ensure the item you are purchasing is real. Usually, once a vintage item is purchased, it usually is not eligible for a return. Therefore, the buyer takes a huge risk in purchasing a vintage item without it being appraised by a certified appraiser. A similar disadvantage happens when a seller tries to sell a vintage item to a store and the store representatives are not trained to recognize an authentic item from a fabricated item. If the resale store representative buys the vintage piece from the seller and then sells that item to a customer, that customer may think they are getting the real vintage item when in fact it is a not.

A Second Chance Designer Resale Boutique, located at sitename, certifies all of its employees to Buy Designer Handbags in New York City. They have two locations in New York and each location prides itself on being able to recognize authentic vintage pieces. The store philosophy stands firmly behind its ideals that they only buy and sell authentic vintage items and allow a buyer to return the item for a store credit or with a one-hundred percent money back guarantee minus a ten percent restocking fee within seven days of the receipt with some stipulations attached.

The store has been family owned and operated since its incorporation in 1993 and has priced each item competitively since then. For any potential sellers, the business offers fair and competitive deals to purchase the authentic items. There are many fashioners in the New York area as well as around the world that love to Buy Designer Handbags in New York City since it is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Therefore, the business has made all of its items in both stores available to more customers around the world through their online website. Through the website, the buyer can view the inventory, purchase the item and sell their items to the boutiques.

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