Contact a Professional Plumber for Sump Pump Replacement

Sump pumps have an average life of 3 to 5 years, and then they will need to be replaced before they stop operating during a storm. Various sump pumps are available including those with a backup battery. The choice depends on several operational factors.

One consideration is whether you want a pump that goes on automatically when it is needed or a pump that is switched on manually. Obviously, the automatic activation is safest. Another is the horsepower of the motor which can be 1/4 up to 3/4 horsepower. Complete Plumbing can advise you on the size pump you need.

Head pressure is another matter and this refers to the height that the pump will push water out of the basement. This can vary, but you should discuss your individual situation with Sump Pump Replacement in Dayton OH. The length of the power cord is important because if it is to far away from the power source it will loose power unless it is a heavier gauge wiring. Discuss the required sensing switch type with your plumber. These vary and some are less desirable than others.

An alarm and a battery powered backup system are important. The alarm will sound if the water level rises to a level higher than the pump can handle. The battery must be a battery designed for this application.

Sump pumps require maintenance and this should be done on a regular basis. It is possible that the outlet pipe can become clogged or the float is not working because it is weighted down by minerals from the water. When cleaning a pump and the pit, remove sand and gravel and other debris so the operating efficiency will remain high and the life of the pump can be extended. If the pump’s ability to remove water from the sump is limited, then the sump will spill over.

Debris can also cause the check valve to jam. The discharge line should be checked to be sure there are no obstructions. Discharge lines that are even partially blocked can increase the possibility of the pump failing from overheating. Sump Pump Replacement in Dayton OH can manage the cleaning of the pump pit and the critical parts.

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