The Lemon Law In Missouri

The Lemon Law In Missouri

Nothing is quite as frustrating as having saved up to buy a new car only to find out later that it is serious problems. Fortunately, every state has enacted their own version of a “Lemon Law” to provide protection and recourse for those in this unfortunate situation. The Missouri Lemon Law provides consumer protection; it obliges the vehicle manufacturer to honor the express warranty. In a nut shell, the lemon law in Missouri requires the manufacturer to either replace the vehicle with one which is substantially the same or to refund your money. The manufacturer is granted the opportunity a reasonable number of chances to repair the defect.

What does the Missouri Lemon Law cover?

Not all vehicles are covered by the lemon law in Missouri, however, those that are covered and have been purchased or leased and are under a new car warranty are. Those vehicles that are not protected by the law are commercial and off-road vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles and the living quarters of RV’s.

To qualify, the vehicle must have been unavailable for use by the owner for a minimum of 30 business days or there have been at least four attempts to rectify the reported problem.

Filing a complaint:

The Missouri lemon law is written in such a way that the owner of the lemon vehicle cannot take action under the law until such time as he or she has given formal notice to the manufacturer of the vehicle. By giving notice, the manufacturer is granted one final chance to fix the problem and must do so within 10 days of the vehicle being brought to a dealership.

If the vehicle simply cannot be fixed the manufacturer is given two options:

  • Provide a replacement for the lemon
  • Refund the money you paid for the vehicle, or
  • Dispute the allegation that the vehicle is a lemon in accordance with Missouri law

In the event the manufacturer does dispute the allegation you can either choose to arbitrate the dispute or file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

It can be quite complicated to negotiate an equitable settlement when you know your vehicle is a lemon. If you need a Missouri lemon law lawyer you are invited to visit us.

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