Learning The Benefits Of Holistic Healthcare

More and more people are looking for options in health care. These people want physicians who heal all parts of the body. This includes the mind and spirit. In the past, physicians would never look at mental well-being as a reason for physical ailments. Now, science recognizes that brain chemicals and hormones play vital roles. If any of these are out of balance, the individual may be unwell. These individuals need to look for medical practices that promote integrative medicine.

Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services employs Holistic Healthcare to help patients. Integrated medicine combines complementary, alternative and conventional medicines. A good example is a patient suffering from cancer. The patient receives traditional chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. However, the patient uses acupuncture to relieve the nausea from the treatments. There are many therapies and treatments that help conventional medicine do more. This is the philosophy behind holistic medicine. The patient is viewed as a whole person. Therefore, physicians try to heal every part of the mind and body. The many benefits of holistic medicine include,

  • treating the whole person rather than individual symptoms
  • treating body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • trying to promote healthy living
  • emphasizes the importance of caregivers who “care”

Patients feel that physicians do not spend enough time with them. As a result, many consumers look for different choices. Realistically, physicians only spend about ten minutes with patients. Sadly, they do not really know the patient as a person. On the other hand, patients desire the human approach of Holistic Healthcare. Often, practitioners of complementary therapies spend an hour with each person. Popular complementary therapies include massage, yoga, chiropractic and osteopathy.

It is also convenient to find help for several issues in one place. Many facilities offer programs ranging from physical therapy to weight loss. The weight loss program uses complementary therapy. Nutritionists teach patients to prepare healthy meal plans. Further, the patient is offered supplements that may help them. Programs offer supplements like garcinia cambogia and omega-3D tablets. Good health is key to living a happy life. So, it is reasonable that people would want to try alternative therapy. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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