Is It Possible To Remove Fat Without Surgery In Chicago?

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Health and Fitness

Most people in Chicago would love to remove unwanted fat from their bodies without surgery, but may not know of any options that are available. One such procedure is Ultrashape, and can get rid of those unsightly bulges that won’t go away with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Let’s face it, most women lead busy and healthy lives. They may go on every fad diet and find something that helps them slim down, but overall, there are a few spots on their bodies that they wish would slim further, such as under the arms, the stomach pooch or the thighs. Now, you can have a nonsurgical procedure that gets rid of those unsightly bulges with Ultrashape.

What is it?

Traditional options include liposuction, where the body is slimmed by sucking out unwanted fat-stores. However, it is a surgical procedure, and most women don’t want to go through all that just to get rid of stubborn bulges. Therefore, the Ultrashape method was developed, which loosens fat-cells within the body, which it then sheds naturally. Ultrasound energy is shot at the stubborn cells, and the temperature is controlled so that these cells are loosened and the body can remove them naturally. There are usually one to three procedures before you start noticing a change, but most women feel that is well worth the wait.


Whether you’ve tried other options before or want something that seems less scary than liposuction, you’ll notice that the first and main advantage is that it is effective. The second benefit is that it’s non-invasive and nonsurgical, so you don’t have to have needles inserted or be under anesthesia. No part of the body will be cut open, and there will be no pain though you may feel slight pressure.

Liposuction was never very targeted, meaning it sucked out fats from the area, but may not have gotten the one area you wanted. With Ultrashape, it targets your fatty areas precisely.

Another benefit is that the procedure to remove fat without surgery in Chicago is FDA-approved. Many procedures are not considered approved by the Food and Drug Administration. While that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective or safe, they haven’t been tested enough to be sure, whereas Ultrashape has.

Plus, it can be used on almost any body area, including the stomach and thighs.

If you want to remove fat without surgery in Chicago, you aren’t alone. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery today or contact on to find out more about their procedures now.

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