Insurance for Long Term Care in Macon GA

Long Term Care in Macon GA needs to be planned for well in advance to ensure that expenses are covered. Medicare programs do not cover homemaker services, and will only cover nursing home care for one hundred days. Medicaid is only available to people with low incomes who have no assets. There are a few insurance options that can help take the worry out of paying for care, if and when it becomes necessary. Long-term care insurance covers licensed and custodial care at home, assisted living, adult day care facilities, and skilled nursing home care. Expenses are constantly rising for care. An adult day care center is the most cost-effective solution for care, and that can cost up to nine thousand dollars every month, according to Genworth’s 2015 Cost of Care Survey. Skilled nursing care can cost seventy thousand dollars per month.

Individuals, couples, and families should consider long-term care policies early in life because premiums are determined by the applicants’ age and health at the time the policy is issued. A twenty-five-year old who is in top physical condition will get much lower rates than the fifty-year-old with high blood pressure. It is also wise to have a policy early in case the unexpected occurs. Most people associate Long Term Care in Macon GA with the elderly, but long-term care may also be needed in the event of an accident, workplace injury, terminal illness, or a brain injury from trauma.

A stand-alone policy for long-term care coverage has the lowest costs overall. Other policies allow holders to reposition assets to cover long-term care. They require larger deposits, but are more flexible.Assets can be transferred if there is no need for that level of care. An independent insurance agency, like Stone Insurance Agency, for example, can search several companies to get the best rates. An agent can also explain each option and educate policyholders regarding add-on clauses for long-term care insurance. Shared Care is a clause that allows spouses to access partner benefits when theirs are used up. Care Coordination is essential for the person in care, and family members. It is standard in many policies, but not in all policies, so be sure that is included in the overall plan.
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