Installing Fabric Wall Coverings

Installing Fabric Wall Coverings

Wall covering are made from many different materials. For instance, foil wall coverings are made from a metalized foil that is glued to an acrylic backing. Standard paper wall coverings are printed by machine. However, they get stained very easily. Even though washable coverings are now available, they don’t look very exquisite. If you want something that looks unique and elegant, fabric wall coverings are a great idea. Fabric wall coverings are made from firm fabric that is stuck to a paper backing. They look very different and are also very soft to touch.

However, fabric wall coverings are not easy to install. They are available in many contemporary designs. Some retailers also sell fabric coverings that are made from 100% post-consumer-content recycled material. If you want to install a fabric based wall covering in your house, here is a brief guide to help you out:

Measuring the Walls

The first step is to measure the walls. Before you venture out to buy fabric wall covering, you need to know how much you need. You can use a tape measure to determine the width and the height of the walls where you will put up the wall coverings.

Select the Fabric

When you visit a retailer to buy your wall coverings, they will show you a variety of different fabrics. You must choose one. You can purchase fabric from a conventional fabrics store as well and put it up against the wall to see how it looks. Obviously, patterned fabrics look very beautiful. In order to make the fabric adhere to the wall, it must have an acrylic or fabric backing. If the fabric isn’t backed, you can also get it custom-backed from a backing shop. It will obviously cost more.

Prepping the Walls

You will need to purchase a smoothing tool and comb the walls in order to get rid of any bumps on the walls. Make sure all nail and screw holes are filled before you start applying the wall covering. You can use spackle and a spackle knife in order to fill up the screw holes. Once the wall has been dried, you must wipe it with a damp rag. Then, start applying a wall covering primer with a paint roller.

Paste the Wall

The next step is slightly difficult. You will first have to cut the wall covering carefully for each wall. Use the measurements that you took earlier in order to cut it accurately. Once the fabric has been cut, use a paint brush and dip it in a bucket of paste. Start applying it on the wall from the top to bottom and put up the wall covering. You can use a utility knife to cut out all excess covering.

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