Installing a Compressor Replacement, DIY-style

Installing a Compressor Replacement, DIY-style

Like most things, your compressor won’t last forever. So you’ll need to shop around for an HVAC compressor replacement eventually. Here’s a handy guide for getting one:

Understand how the system works

Knowing how compressors work is going to help you do a better job at shopping for a replacement. And while a handle on the basics would do, the more you understand and know how it works, the better informed your choices will be.

Recognize the signs

AC problems and issues are one of the reasons why people look for an HVAC compressor replacement. So pay attention to the signs that your compressor is damaged and not working right. If you catch those problems just in time, you won’t have to replace your entire AC system. Just installing a new compressor would do.

Know what you need

There are plenty of compressor types and designs out there. Know which one your existing system needs. Check the manual to make sure you’ve got the right model in mind, says Do It Yourself. Nothing worse than spending money on a replacement only to find out later on that it’s entirely the wrong one.

Turn off the electrical source

Turn off the electrical supply completely. If you don’t, you could end up injuring yourself. Make sure the power is totally cut off.

Take out the refrigerant

Open the cooling system and take the refrigerant out. Take out everything before you attempt to install your new compressor.

Cut the lines

Cutting open the refrigerant lines gives you access to the compressor. To make sure you know where it is, look to your manual again.

Unbolt and replace the compressor

Unbolt the old compressor and then replace it with the new one. Then just put everything back together. After you reconnect the power source, then you’ll be good to go!

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