How to Turn Trophies Into Unique Mementos

It isn’t unusual for corporations or sports teams to give out awards for recognition and achievement, but all of the trophies on the shelf start to look the same after a while. This can lesser their impact and make them more of an expensive paperweight rather than a memento of accomplishment to be remembered. Use these tips to buy the best crystal trophies which will be unique and memorable:

1. Combination Gift

Forbes has lots of recommendations for unique recognition gifts including movie or concert tickets. To go that extra mile, just as your team has done for you, you could combine the trophy with an additional gift, perhaps having a figure on the trophy holding the free tickets. Or you could even make the trophy itself a combination gift, perhaps a trophy that is also a clock. There is a lot you can do with combination gifts and enough creative thought.

2. Different Shape

Snacknation says that any gift given out to employees shouldn’t be too generic, otherwise it won’t come across as special. Instead of the standard trophy designs of cups, figures, or the recent trend of artsy pointy shapes, go for something different such as a Fabergé egg design, a globe, or something that is fitting for your company.

3. Flowers

It is common to give out flowers as gifts, but the downside is they rot quickly and it isn’t always possible to preserve them for very long. Giving out crystal trophies in the shape of somebody’s favorite flower or a flower that symbolizes something (for instance, water lilies to represent perseverance) will last forever. Check out a flower symbolism website for some ideas.
With enough creative thought and a trophy or gift tailored to a person’s interests or accomplishments, you can find unique trophies which will turn into treasured mementos and kept in pride of place for a long time.

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