Information About Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Austin TX

As ones third molars, or “wisdom teeth”, do not emerge until between the age of 16 to about 25 years, they are nicknamed wisdom teeth in reference to one’s maturity. Due to their late eruption wisdom teeth are more likely to cause problems, as there usually isn’t much room left for them.

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Before the advent of x-rays the only diagnostic tool available be determine if the erupting teeth were a potential problem was a visual examination. Fortunately, with the use digital x-rays, the necessity for extracting wisdom teeth can be readily determined.

The most common reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Austin TX are:

  • Impaction -; Wisdom teeth don’t typically erupt without causing problems due to their location in the mouth. Being at the very back of the mouth and emerging into a set of permanent teeth results in over-crowding. They often become impacted (trapped) either in the gums or jawbone, causing a good deal of pain.
  • Shifting Teeth -; The longer the impacted teeth remain, the greater the risk for them to affect the existing teeth by shifting or pushing them out of place. The end result is an irregular bite and discomfort.
  • Bone Loss -; If not removed, the gum pocket located behind the second molar (in front of the wisdom tooth), can deepen. Deep pockets cannot be sufficiently cleaned by flossing and brushing, allowing bacteria to accumulate. This often results in bone loss around the second molar possibly causing premature loss of the tooth.
  • Cavity Formation -; Impacted wisdom teeth can result in cavity formation of the second molar due to the accumulation of bacteria in the gum pocket. The cavity typically occurs at the point where the second molar meets the impacted tooth.
  • Infections -; Bacteria collecting under the skin covering the impacted tooth causes infections which make the tissue swell. This is further aggravated when the patient bites down. Without treatment the infection will spread causing further complications.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Austin TX are often performed by an oral surgeon, especially if performed before they erupt, as this complicates the procedure. It takes an average of 45 minutes to perform the surgery and most patients prefer to be sedated for the procedure. Recovery period is about 4-5 days and sometimes accompanied by swelling. The gums should be completely healed within a month.

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