Important Information about Solar Eclipse Safety

Important Information about Solar Eclipse Safety

Whenever there is a solar eclipse, it arouses a great deal of curiosity. These events are special and give us a view of the heavens, we rarely have the chance to experience. However, any time you stare directly at the sun (without protection), you run the risk of causing damage to your eyes. Keep these solar eclipse safety tips in mind during the next event, and it will help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Know Where the Kids Are

If you do not plan to share the eclipse with the kids, make sure they are somewhere safe. It’s best to buy them inexpensive eclipse viewers and show young people how to use the viewers. However, children should be supervised during the entire event. This is especially important for small children, as they may not understand the importance of solar eclipse safety.

Do Not Use Your Normal Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from bright sunlight, but they are not made to filter out a large amount of ultraviolet light. Do not trust your vision to standard sunglasses. This is very dangerous because you can view an eclipse with sunglasses and be totally unaware you are damaging your eyes.

Approved Eyewear for Solar Eclipse Safety

There are very few glasses safe enough for viewing solar eclipses. However, you can use number 14 welder’s glasses. These lenses are made to filter out the kind of light you will be exposed to.

Choose Quality Viewers

When you buy, solar eclipse viewers make sure to choose products which are certified safe for viewing. Also, always inspect your viewers before using and look for signs of cracks or tears. If you notice damage, do not use them.

Emergency Viewers

It’s best to buy viewers made for solar eclipses. They are not expensive and are simple to use. However, if you have nothing in which to view a solar eclipse event, you can make a quick and easy viewer. It might not be perfect, but it will be safe to use.


You can use a standard pair of binoculars to make a solar viewer. Use one side (large end) and point it at the eclipse. Hold a white card or piece of paper up to the small end, to project the image.

Index Cards

You may use 2 standard index cards to make a simple projector. Create a small hole in one card and use the hole to project the eclipse image onto the other card. Always blend common sense with proper solar eclipse safety, to make sure your vision is protected.

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