Important Facts About Basement Waterproofing in York

There exist various methods that one can use to repair basement cracks. These kinds of repair works are quite expensive to carry out and as such you need to get your facts right before settling on a particular method of rectifying the cracks. It can be quite challenging to deal with Basement Waterproofing in York and as such you need to hire an experienced company to carry out the work for you in a speedy and efficient manner. Here are some of the methods that are commonly employed:

Negative-side method

This is widely used to rectify cracks. The method entails applying of paint or cement on the cracks to stop the leakages. This method does not rectify the problem fully since the applied paint or cement can easily come off making the leaking to continue. It is normally used as a temporary measure before a better solution for the problem can be found.

Footing drain

This is yet another popular method of rectifying cracks. It entails removing of soil surrounding the foundation of the building. This method is more expensive and demanding than the negative-side method. If the method is not correctly carried out, it could result to the damaging of the foundation which affects the stability of the building.

Dry tack system

This also a good method used to solve the leaking problems. The method has gained a lot of acceptance from many people since it does not require drilling of holes on the foundation. The method is recommended in cases where the foundation is weak and may not withstand drilling. Drilling on a weak foundation can lead to an eventual collapse of the building.

The water guard method

It is one of the most effective methods in use today. The guards are fitted next to the walls where the pipes collect any water from the walls and pump it out of the building. The only disadvantage of this method is that it is too expensive and an average person might not afford to have it.

For quality services, you should consider contracting Keystone Foundation Repair Inc. which offers solutions for leaking floors, cracked walls and perimeter drainage. The company has a proven track record and has gained national recognition for offering optimal solutions to its clients.

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