How To Purchase Used Chemistry Lab Equipment Online

Most lab managers and those in charge of making equipment purchases have considered the option of buying used chemistry lab equipment online. However, there may have been concerns about the risk and the benefits of this type of purchase.

While there are mistakes to avoid when making an online purchase, it is also a very good way to save money and to find the ideal used chemistry lab equipment you need for your facility. To get started, here are some of the most critical factors to consider.

Know the Dealer’s Reputation

There are some very well-established companies offering used and refurbished analytical and chemistry lab equipment. These companies have been in business for decades and have sold and purchased used equipment from small and large labs, testing facilities, research institutes and medical facilities across the country.

Check the reputation of any lab equipment dealer online. Information is readily available about the top companies to work with through a quick online search.

Avoid Private Sales

Private sales are problematic with used chemistry lab equipment as the buyer often has to pay shipping, and may find the equipment arrives and requires cleaning and sterilizing, or it arrives in conditions other than described.

In addition, it can be very difficult to arrange pickup and shipping, even if you are in the same general location. By working with a dealer, all of these issues can be avoided.

Ask Questions and Get Clarification Before the Purchase

The used lab and analytical supplier you are considering should be able to provide information on the models they have in inventory. If you have questions or are looking for a specific make, model, or feature on the equipment, they can often find one for you from their network of sellers.

This is a simple way to ensure you get the equipment you need at a price your lab can afford. Keep in mind; you may also be able to sell any surplus equipment you have, which can be helpful in reducing the price even further.

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