How to Prepare For Your First Meeting With the Probate Law Lawyer in Reno, NV

When an individual is given the responsibility of executor of an estate, they will often need to hire a Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV to help them administer the estate. The process of working with a lawyer first begins with the initial meeting where the details of the estate are discussed and the lawyer begins the process of filing the proper documents in court so the estate can be settled. This information will help individuals prepare for their first meeting so they will know what documents they should bring.

*   The original will document will need to be brought in unless it has already been filed in court. If the document has been filed, a copy will suffice.

*   Copies of the living trust are imperative for the initial meeting with the Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV.

*   If the executor has received any probate documents from the court, they should plan on bringing these to the meeting.

*   It is wise to bring any financial records of the deceased, such as bank, investment, and retirement account information.

*   Any property deeds owned by the deceased will need to be reviewed by the lawyer.

*   All financial obligations owed by the deceased will need to be discussed, so the executor should bring in any copies of bills they may have.

*   The executor will need to provide the names and contact information for all beneficiaries listed in the will.

*   If any gift tax returns were filed, the executor should be prepared to bring these to the lawyer.

It is also wise for the executor to list of some of the questions they have about the process. Individuals are often nervous when meeting with a lawyer for the first time and can sometimes forget the important questions they had planned on asking.

If you are the executor of an estate, it is important you protect yourself by hiring a Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV. If you would like to schedule your appointment, contact The Law Office of Todd L. Torvinen. They will be happy to take care of your needs and protect you throughout the process of probate.

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