How to Make Your Promises Come True

As a child, you are taught that promises must be kept, especially when an adult makes a declaration or an assurance that they are going to complete a special task or that something specific will occur. Diamond promise rings carry the same obligation and should not be offered unless the promise is forthcoming.

Clearing the Confusion

Promise rings are often confused with commitment rings, purity rings and pre-engagement rings. Essentially, a promise is a commitment to the future. They can be used in a variety of ways and for various messages, but their main purpose is to declare a high level of dedication to another individual.

Diamond promise rings carry commitment to the couple’s relationship and you are effectively promising to remain a couple, forever.

Mixing Tradition with The Modern World

For every couple that rush into living together with no specific date set for the marriage, there are many who prefer to show and declare their love for each other, with a commitment that will ultimately move towards an engagement and marriage, but are unlikely to cohabit in the meanwhile.

Celebrities appear to have reintroduced promise rings into modern use. They were extremely popular 400 years ago and their use has faded during the past century. In modern use, young celebrities often offer a promise ring as a symbol where religious people are offering promise rings as purity rings.

History dictates that promise rings are worn on the left hand, on the ring finger. This is important because it clarifies that a vein runs from that finger and direct to your heart.

Promise rings are available with an extensive price range allowing younger couples to be able to afford a ring and for those that wish to show the most wonderful diamond promise rings, potentially at the other end of the scale.

A promise ring is not presented in the same manner as an engagement ring and the tradition of asking a question, on a bended knee, is not required.

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