How to go About a Telehandler Rental in Baltimore, MD

When people need a Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD, there is one major mistake they can avoid making. Too often, people simply look at the lift capacity at ground level. This can cost them hundreds of dollars a month, as they usually rent too big a machine. These simple tips can help streamline the process.

The most important points to keep in mind for renters are what do they need to lift, and how much does it weigh? Those renting need to be very cognizant of the specs and weight scales on the equipment. Checking the lift capacity at full height and at max reach can be very cost beneficial. Renters need to educate themselves on lift heights as well. Maximum lift heights can vary from 13 feet to 59 feet. Maximum lift heights don’t necessarily have to rise with higher lift capacities, either, since some machines are manufactured for heavier lifts but at lower heights.

When getting ready to rent, it is prudent to visit  to see a wide array of machines. Customers can see a number of manufacturers such as JLG, Ingersoll Rand, Gradall, Terex, Lull, and CAT. Sizes available can range from 18′ up to 56′ and with lift capacities ranging from 5,000 lbs. all the way up to 11,000 lbs. Besides knowing the proper sizes when getting ready for Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD, it is also important to know the sizes of the work area. Renters have to ensure the machine can navigate the work site and move through doors and ramps as space allows.

Those in need of a telehandler will have to get it to their site. Many telehandlers are sized to fit the specific truck and trailer capacities. If renters don’t want to use the rental dealer’s delivery and pickup service, they need to make sure their truck and trailer have the capacity to safely transport the machine. Another very important point for renters to know is that OSHA requires anybody operating a telehandler to be properly trained. They should ask the renting agency if they offer any type of training and, if they provide the operators, they should be able to prove they have current qualifications. Some manufacturers now provide online training.

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