How To Find Fire Resistant Pants

If you require fire resistant pants or coveralls for work-related purposes, you may be required to purchase your own or may be supplied some by your employer. Either way, it can be helpful to know how to choose them, where to find them, and the options available. Anytime you will work in hazardous conditions, you may be required to or prefer to wear FR clothing to keep you safe.


Most clothing options in the fire resistant range are unisex, meaning they can be worn by both men and women. Pants may have elastic waists and cuffs, making it easier to tighten or loosen the clothing as necessary. It can also help to have elastic cuffs for the legs to ensure that, if they are too long, you don’t step on them and potentially rip or tear them.


Sometimes, you’ll find FRC that comes with other additions or things added to the clothing, such as hoods and booties. These give an extra layer of protection and may be required in certain situations. You pull the fire-resistant pants on over your shoes and regular clothes until the FR booties are in place. Hoods can increase your safety and may be required for women to protect their hair and head.

Some options may not have booties, but may use Velcro on the legs to make it easier to get your FR clothes on over your boots or shoes.


Most products range from a size small to size 5XL to give almost everyone the coverage and security they need while doing their job. Colors are usually limited, but may include navy blue and khaki or a medium green.

Others will have a particular waist size, from 30” up to 56” long. They usually come with belt loops, snap closures and brass zippers. Women can wear them, but must know their size in men’s. Contact MPE at website URL for more information. Like us on

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