A Dramatic Increase in Nearsightedness Has More People Seeking Eyewear From West Village Opticians

A Dramatic Increase in Nearsightedness Has More People Seeking Eyewear From West Village Opticians

The rate of nearsightedness worldwide has increased dramatically since the 1970s, bringing more patients to optometrists and ophthalmologists for a prescription for eyeglasses and, sometimes, for contact lenses. It’s also left researchers pondering why this increase has occurred. West Village Opticians offer the opportunity for nearsighted individuals to buy stylish eyewear that fits their personalities and serves as a fashion accessory.

About Myopia

Medically known as myopia, this vision disorder occurs when the eye cannot refract light properly. The condition causes distant vision to be blurry while near vision remains normal. It usually develops during childhood and appears to have a genetic component. Nearsightedness lasts a lifetime unless the person receives a treatment like a laser eye surgery. Otherwise, they can wear corrective lenses fit into frames and sold at West Village Opticians.


One prevailing misconception is that a lot of activity requiring close-up vision leads to nearsightedness. The prevalence of TV, computer, and phone screen usage among youngsters has made many people wonder whether that causes myopia. Fortunately, research has not found any connection between these activities and nearsightedness.

Expert Insight

A study by Ohio State University evaluated children with two parents having myopia. Kids who spent a great deal more time outdoors were less likely to develop the condition. Other studies around the globe have found similar results.

The finding is especially intriguing since spending plenty of time outdoors is also linked with a lower occurrence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some researchers theorize that extra exposure to natural light and less time spent in artificial light accounts for the difference.


That isn’t a sure-fire method for preventing myopia, however. Lots of children who play outside regularly still become nearsighted, but there seems to be some level of protective quality to the activity. Studies are finding of a 10 percent decrease in myopia occurrence in kids who spend more time outside.

So, parents shouldn’t feel frustrated if their outdoorsy youngster eventually complains of not being able to see something clearly at a distance. A trip to the optometrist and a pair of eyeglasses from a store such as Charlotte Jones Opticians is the solution.

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