How To Buy From Gold Jewelry Stores in Sturbridge, MA

Buying jewelry can be a stressful experience for some, although it does not have to be if the shopper knows all of the ins and outs and what to look for. Here are some tips on how to get the best items from Gold Jewelry Stores in Sturbridge MA.

• Learn what the karat rating means. This is a way of measuring the purity of the gold and consists of units of measurements that are divided into 24ths. 24k gold is pure gold, for instance, while 12k gold is only 50 percent pure.

• Not all purities are acceptable for every shopper’s situation. 24k gold is very soft and can be scratched easily. For this reason, some buyers may not want to wear 24k gold just for the sake of practicality. Experts state jewelry which is worn on a daily basis should probably be no more than 18k gold.

• Some shoppers will even opt for gold-plated jewelry as an alternative to pure gold. This refers to the process of dipping other forms of metal into gold to create the illusion of pure gold jewelry. The benefit of this type of jewelry is it is much stronger than if the jewelry were to be made from pure, or nearly pure, gold.

• Gold can be available in many different colors including pink, yellow, white, and even green. The colors come from mixing gold with an array of other metals.

• Make sure the jewelry store the gold is purchased from is a reputable dealer such as Cormier Jewelers. They will have the high-quality jewelry that is being sought by the discerning shopper.

• Make sure there is a warranty attached to the jewelry, so it is covered in the event of loss or damage. Any reputable Gold Jewelry Stores in Sturbridge MA will offer warranties.

• To maintain the jewelry after it has been purchased, make sure to clean it regularly. This can be done with tools as simple as dishwashing detergent, a toothbrush, and a lint-free cloth.

By following the suggestions listed here, the gold jewelry shopper will have a pleasant buying experience and is sure to leave them with with many happy memories.

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